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Service Level Agreement


Service Level Agreement

The terms and conditions mentioned in this document comprise an agreement between the user and Unisecure to regulate the actions and usage of web hosting services provided by the company.

Unisecure offers the highest Service Level guarantee, hence you can completely rely on our web hosting infrastructure, resources and services with the same confidence and assurance that you would have on any physical IT infrastructure at your end.

Scope of Agreement:

These Terms of Service cover the following elements of the Service:

  • Datacenter Services
  • Server Uptime Guarantee
  • Use of Services
  • Code of Conduct
  • Account Suspension/Cancellation
  • Fraudulent
  • Working Day
  • Emergency Management
  • 24×7 Support
  • Billing and Payment
  • Amendments of Terms of Service
  • Exceptions

Datacenter Services: Unisecure guarantees data center hosting services with all latest cooling techniques, heat Maintenance and proper ventilation with HVAC equipped climate control systems and an uninterrupted power supply in any given monthly billing period, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

SLA Credit for Data Center services downtime: 5% of the Cluster fees for each 30 minutes of data center infrastructure downtime (or portion thereof), up to 100% of the Cluster fees.

Server Uptime Guarantee: Unisecure guarantees 99.995% Uptime ensuring the user with the highest network and server availability rate. This means in a year we will take maximum 8 hours of downtime by large, which will go in repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware replacement and other such technical fixing.

Use of Services: This agreement implies that Unisecure will be able to deliver web hosting services to the client if payments are made in advance.

Code of Conduct: It is strictly advised to keep your account password secured and private without sharing it with anyone to avoid any threat suspicion. Any privacy compromise resulting in unwanted activity in your account will be your sole responsibility. If you are making any change in the password and other such credential related to your account details, immediately intimate us, so that we keep informed and updated.

Account suspension: Unisecure reserves the right to suspend services in lieu of non-payment with 15 days accountability of the data on the suspended server. In the event of any incident of any malicious activity/activities, the respective account will be suspended till the investigation is over and the revival action will be taken according to the law orders.

Kindly note that Unisecure hold the rights to suspend or cancel your account with us with or without any prior warning/intimation if found not in terms of the law.

Termination and Access:

Termination is something which we avoid as much as possible but as per the industry regulations, the severity of the cases including but not restricted to events like non-adherence to law of the state, failure to abide by the conditions of this agreement, violation of any term or misuse of resources (like programs which eats up all network capacity, CPU cycles or Disk IO etc.) may lead to termination of services with or without notice, effective right away.

These kinds of termination cases may also lead to destruction of related account information for which Unisecure might/might not intimate you as these are not directly with the discretion of Unisecure rather it is according to the regulation terms of services. Unisecure is not liable to refund any fees paid/transacted hereunder before or during the termination. Any payment due by the account needs to be paid and settled before such termination including the cost of collection, such charges and other liabilities. Once the account is terminated, not only the services will be discontinued to the related user but all the rights granted to user under this agreement are immediately withdrawn as well.

In the case of user’s willingness to terminate the account with Unisecure, the website should be referred for relevant instructions. These terms and conditions stated under this agreement shall avoid any termination including User Content licenses, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, limitations of liability and indemnity.

Fraudulent: The information furnished to Unisecure related to the account should be true and not fraudulent. In case of finding any false information or fraudulence in account, Unisecure holds the sole rights to terminate the services immediately without any notice. All such service orders will be investigated and prosecuted in the court of law.

Working Day: Unisecure working Day are 24×7 round the clock

Emergency Management: This SLA does not cover any downtime caused by maintenance processes, server/hardware or other component replacement, troubleshooting and other technical repair process. However this must not take anything more than 60 minutes per month and will formally be informed to the user on a prior basis. Moreover, user can claim the credit for 0.01% of downtime.

Power related interruption or other such facility component, due to emergency network and/or quality maintenance, which will be formally communicated to all clients on a prior basis, and it shall not long more than 60 minutes per month. In any given time in the month, you can ask your credit for the downtime of 0.01%.

Support: Unisecure SLA covers 24x7x365 support and other such technical and maintenance assistance for its users. Our support scope covers Hardware, Network and OS Level Support. Unisecure clearly states that it doesn’t provide any application and programming assistance.

Payment and Billing Terms: Unisecure advise its users to pay in advance the monthly, annual or other agreed upon fees that user has chosen from the range of offers by Unisecure. Kindly note that Unisecure may amend the rates and the fees at any point of time on the basis of some substantial factors. However, Unisecure shall not be held responsible for any external charges including overdraft rates, interest rates, banking fees or other such external surcharges billed upon Unisecure’s fees.

Amendments of Terms of Service: Unisecure’ s Terms of Service are subject to change at any point of time and without any notice at the sole discretion of Unisecure. The client will be formally informed regularly about any changes made in the rates based on availability of hardware, overall market conditions or other factors. Clients will be notified prior to any increases in rates or charges before the billing renewal date on which such increases will take effect.


User is the sole responsible for his data backup which he saves onto its virtual server (the “Data”). If the user has failed to back up its data then in the event of data loss, non-recovery of data etc. Unisecure shall neither bear any responsibility nor shall be liable for the data even in the case user has contracted for back up services provided by Unisecure.


– For Unisecure services, billing can be done within the user’s control panel itself. User may pay the invoice and have the resources scaled immediately. However, the users are always welcomed to reach account managers anytime.

– Our services are available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing cycles. Quarterly and above billing cycles come with handsome discounts as well.

– User shall receive a renewal invoice form our system 15 days prior to the due date. For details please see (link for billing policy and payment option details).

We accept the following types of payment:

  • Paypal
  • NEFT / RTGS / Wire Transfer
  • Debit/Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Experss)
  • Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order
  • Cash Deposit

Automatic Billing

User can customize settings instructions on his bank account/ credit card for auto debit every month according to his choice. Paypal accounts can be set with a subscription option where every month the amount shall be auto-accounted to paypal account.

Control Panel

By default, all virtual machines are without control panel. We provide Plesk, cPanel / WHM control Panels, which are available at an additional price.

Resource Allocation


Min : Single core CPU is the minimum available at this time
Max : Our VPS plans start with a single core and go upto quad core.


Min : You will get minimum 1024 MB Memory.
Max : Maximum 32 GB Memory.


Min : 10 GB for Linux and 20 GBfor Windows
Max : We can provide maximum 200 GB

Support Boundaries :

Unisecure provides 24 x 7 technical support to its users via its ticket support system. Our guidelines outline:

  • Unisecure provides support related to your Unisecure virtual server physically functioning.
  • Unisecure does not cover application-specific issues such as application configuration, cgi programming, web or mail server configuration, or any other such issue under its technical support for
  • Unisecure does not provide technical support to its clients’ customers.

The Service Level Guarantee shall not cover performance issues mentioned below:

  • anything caused by instances which is reasonably not in the control of Unisecure.
  • anything resulted from any actions or inactions of the Customer or any third parties.
  • anything resulted from the Customer’s software and / or third party software, not within the sole authority of Unisecure.
  • Caused by a Force Majeure event.
  • Planned / Scheduled Maintenance for which Unisecure will send notice of forty eight (48) hours or more.
  • Any restrictions placed / imposed upon Unisecure by the Customer, which prevent or delay the performance of Unisecure’s obligations.
  • Any Network outage arising out of Virus / Denial Of Service attacks and / or the usage / utilization in
  • excess of 80% of the contracted bandwidth (rate-limit customers) / capacity of physical link.

Exceptions: Unisecure is not bound to furnish any credits in the event of service failure due to any external occurrence which is beyond the reasonable control of Unisecure including riot, strike, governmental action, militant action, ban, war, insurrection, sabotage, or other such disruptions or third party’s inability to meet the terms of this SLA (includes payment getways).