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Unisecure Security

Security is very important, especially when it comes to protecting the critical business data of the enterprises from any damage, loss, theft, attack or any disastrous conditions. This is the biggest reason for enterprises look out for best web hosting company which can offer greater degree of security.

Unisecure understands the value of security of enterprise data and hence we have all security measures well installed in our data center as well as in development centers. Unisecure has devised thick quilted security layer for its data and development centers.

Our unique security features

  • Biometric-Login

    Biometric Login

    Unisecure doesn’t allow any unauthorized login who doesn’t have his biometric record.

  • Coded-Access

    Coded Access

    the entry to our facility is restricted and only people with coded access can reach the highly confidential areas.

  • Scanning-System

    Scanning System

    Every entrant has to go through a scanner prior entrance to identify and to keep any threat on the other side of Unisecure premises.

  • Security-Alarm

    Security Alarm

    There are security alarms installed all across our data center. The moment any threat is detected, security alarm will notify everyone.

  • Trained-Security-professionals

    Trained Security professionals

    Unisecure employs trained security officials who stand alert at their positions and take command of their duties.

  • Video-Surveillance

    Video Surveillance

    A non stop video surveillance is on around the clock. It records and covers all the activities in the data center as well as in development center.

  • Constant-Monitoring

    Constant Monitoring

    Unisecure leaves no stone unturned in keeping our clients’ critical data secured.