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Load Balanced Services

Redundant. 100% Uptime.

What is Load Balanced Services?

A load balancer is Hardware, it is also known as Virtual Hardware which is act as a reserve proxy to distribute Network. Load balancer helps to improvise responsiveness by distributing the workload from Multiple servers and also reduce all burden placed on each other.

Unisecure Load-balanced Services in US

Nowadays many companies adopting modern technology for their Businesses as modern technologies are uninterrupted for their services. Unisecure managed load-balanced services send your traffic by an extra network of Load-balance and distributing your data of load between all your servers.

Load balancing servers balance the load by distributing the communications request and processing activities to several computers or server linked in a network so that no single server is overloaded with activities. Load balancing servers not only smooth out the server speed by sharing the load onto several computers but also prevents any server failure. It manages the redundancy and fail-over by transferring the requests to other operational servers, thereby maintaining the fast speed and excellent web experience for users. Unisecure load balancing servers optimize the availability and it is an easy-to-scale web hosting solution based on the increased business web needs. Load balancing server is the ideal option for the businesses witnessing heavy web traffic where it’s not possible to predict the number of server requests.

Features of Load Balanced Services:

  • Failover handling – Avoid single point failure by hosting multiple instances of a given services
  • Auto-scaling – Manage a number of instances of an application according to the incoming traffic
  • Multi-tenancy – Manage multiple tenants of applications
  • Intercept and redirect incoming Network traffic
  • Maximum Performance
  • Increase Scalability
  • Reliable

Load Balanced Servers Advantages

  • Ensures Best Quality

    Unisecure is fully capable of delivering the best quality web hosting services in US.

  • Power Backup

    The redundancy and failover is maintained with backup facilities at our data centers.

  • Optimized and Maximum Uptime

    Load Balancing servers are the perfect solution for optimizing high-availability.

  • High efficiency

    Our high standard quality services, policies and SLA make us able to deliver the best and industry leading solutions to our users.

  • Ensures Stability

    We offer best network solutions and prevent any direct impact on web performance because of clustered network services.

  • Highly Scalable

    High scalability per requirement.