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Colocation Hosting Services

TIER IV DC. 99.995% Uptime.

What is Co-location Services?

Colocation service is an activity of hosting and distributing companies self-server within managed services. It is basically data center facility that business rent space for server and other computing hardware. Best Colocation Services included cooling, building, power, security, and bandwidth while the customer provides server and storage.

Unisecure Co-location Hosting Service in US

Co-location hosting services which is co-locating your server hardware in a rack at a data center. In other words, it means a business can rent space for servers or other computing devices in a data center facility. Space can be anything between a 1U Rack to up to multiple rack cages. Unisecure US offers a smart and best server hosting option of co-location to manage your resource-intensive website, application or database. At the same time, you are assured with high availability with 99.995% uptime, high redundancy for ceaseless website performance, data conformity as well as high levels of security.

The Customer can make your customized co-location hosting from 1U on up of usable space. To check more you can speak with our experts.

Features of Co-location Services & Infrastructure:

  • TIER IV Standard
  • High Server Availability
  • State of the Art data center
  • Compliance
  • Redundant network
  • Most Reliable
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Strong Monitor and Support 24X7
  • Scalability
  • Managed and Unmanaged colocation services
  • Multiple Battery Backup
  • Multiple Bandwidth Providers

Unisecure Co-location Facilities:

  • Manage Colocation options
  • Backup Generator
  • Cooling (20C(+/-)2C) with Humidity control
  • 5 Co-location Facility to choose from (3 in India and 2 in the US)

Unisecure Colocation Services
Services Advantages

  • 24×7 Surveillance

    Our highly advanced data center is built with modern security system

  • Ask it Get it

    We offer as many servers as you need and as required bandwidth too. All our options of colocation servers are highly affordable.

  • Trusted Hardware and Network

    We serve our client in best way with trusted Hardware and Faster Network Connectivity

  • Multi-Connect Data Centers

    5 Data Center Facilities Geographically Deployed

  • Worth Every penny

    Our server colocation are highly cost efficient.

  • 24×7 Support

    We have trained engineers to assist you with any technical troubleshooting any time, any day in the calendar.

  • Varied service range

    Unisecure offers a range of colocation services varying from unmanaged to managed colocation servers.

  • Security system

    We assure you secured services with 24x7x365 security monitoring as well as manual scrutiny to keep all the threats at the bay.