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1U Rack Servers

Quick Deployment. 24Hr Support.

What is 1U Server Co-location?

Co-location services are having rack space Option. Big companies prefer full racks, cabinets and private cage co-location. SMBs and start UPS begin with 1U Co-location.

Unisecure 1U Server Co-location services in US

Server Co-location at Unisecure is the best choice for seamless web performance for your business to earn maximum ROI and let your business grow. 1U measures 1.75 inches. We have the best offerings on 1U server co-location. The new entrants looking for web hosting solutions can make the best out of our 1U server co-location services.

Features of 1U Server Colocation:

  • Powered by the latest cutting-edge Intel xeon and AMD opteron processors
  • Optimized to increase computing density
  • Reduced cost, energy and space requirements
  • Supports 32 NVMe Hot-swappable SSD’s
  • Tool-less SSD tray
  • Individual HDD Power cycling
  • Slide Rail included
  • P Cle External Cable Spec 0.7 compliant

Why Unisecure 1U Server Colocation ?

  • Highly Affordable

    Fast, redundant and seamless web service at affordable prices.

  • Power Backup

    48 hours of redundant power back up with full fuel load capacity.

  • Security

    Unisecure has avant-garde data centers which are equipped with a multi-layered security system.

  • Array of services

    Wide Services for every business and every need.

  • 99.995% guaranteed Uptime

    Unisecure guarantees 99.995% Server and Network Uptime ensuring high availability at all times.

  • Technical Support

    We are a network of trained professionals working 24x7x365 round the clock