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Unisecure Data Centers is Launched High Geared Proxmox KVM VPS servers

Philadelphia, US, 18th July 2018 | Unisecure Data Centers is into web hosting Industry with more than two decades of experience, offering bundle of Web Hosting solutions for Cloud Platform and Dedicated Servers. Now offering Proxmox Technology, it is simple electronic interface, which is open after installing on the server. Unisecure’s Proxmox in like manner reinforces holder style virtualization, which you’ll every now and then hear suggested as detainment facilities or maybe zones. The holder virtualization bits are maintained by OpenVZ, which is asserted and supported by Parallels.

About Unisecure’s Proxmox Servers

1. Windows and Linux Servers

2. 32 & 64 bit operation system

3. Supporting for newest AMD servers chipsets for VM performance

4. Main performance matching with to bare metal for real world business workloads

Unisecure’s Proxmox virtual Environment Live migration allow the shifting of running Virtual machine from one host to another without any downtime. For these needs to install SAN, NAS or DRBD Storage.

Unisecure’s Features with ProxMox Servers:

1. Full root Access

2. Expert Technical Support

3. 99.995% up time

4. Server Grade Hardware

5. Multiple DC Location to choose from

6. 1GB port Port Options

About Unisecure Data Centers:

Unisecure Data Centers is also one of the best and leading web Hosting service providers. Our Technical experts, Information Technology and Design Team,  Optimize the deployment of our own servers located in Philadelphia and Conshohocken Location which is U.S embed with Information Security Management  System (ISMS) to examine risks and develop better processes for security our data centers are most secure and reliable. Our offering are including Cloud  Server Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting), Dedicated Servers, Colocation services with 24x7x365 Rapid Action Support and 99.999% Up time  Guarantee, high-density redundant power, flexible configurations, carrier-neutral facilities.

Unisecure is productively maintained a Secure and reliable data center environment with robust technology, high-availability and physical security,  so you never have to take the burden of data loss or security breach. We are having more than 650 experience professionals with proven records in  Web Services in US.  We have 50000+ customers over 17 countries including brands such as Canon, DHL, HP, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mc Donalds and much more.

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