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Unisecure Announces the Launch of its Latest Generation Server Series

A part of resource expansion strategy

New York, US, June 19, 2015: Unisecure a leading data center hosting service provider in the US with 18+ years of industry experience has recently rolled down the latest generation server series including E3-1230 V3, E3-1240, E3-1260 and many more. Unisecure owns two state of art data centers in silicon hub Philadelphia and Conshohocken along, serving clients from across the world.

Speaking on this event AVP of Unisecure ‘James Morgan’ said – “We at Unisecure are glad to have invested in  resource expansion and upgradation of quality to pace up with the ascending technologies and progressing industry. The trends show on voluminous increase in web traffic rising the demand of of hosting and data center solutions. So we need to be prepared for it.”


Commenting about how it will add value to the services, he said- “With E3-1220V3, the CPU became additionally energy efficient. Above all, the services will become cost-efficient which will attract more customers as affordability of services will broaden.”


Unisecure client-base includes fortune 500 companies. They focus on the quality of services and amplifying the capabilities have been their priority. This augmentation in its offering is a part of same endeavor. Explaining the significance of E3-1240 and E3-1260, The CTO of Unisecure ‘Paul Collin’ said – “this will enable multitasking without compromising the speed and it’s high compliance level will support the future applications. All these latest generation servers are added to the bundle of offerings by Unisecure, which will enable us to support diverse technology modules.”


About Unisecure:

Unisecure is a US-based Data Center Company. Unisecure, started in 1996 and since has successfully delivered numerous projects in the areas of Dedicated Hosting, Data Center Services, Disaster Recovery Services, Cloud Servers.